Free Webinar Events

Join a webinar by entering the GAW Zoom room. If the webinar has not already commenced, you will have to wait for the host to open the room for you to enter. Just stay on the holding page. The host will mute your microphone and turn your video input off until the Q & A session.


Please note: The presentation component of the webinars will be recorded, however the Q & A session at the end will not be recorded so that it remains a safe space to ask questions and/or share experiences and ideas.

NZCGE - Who? What?

Tuesday 13th June, 7pm

Presented by Madelaine Armstrong-Willcocks, New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education


Ever wondered what the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education is? And what we do? Zoom in to our webinar to find out about us, our curriculum and our programmes, as well as the launch of a new specialist online class for term three!

 What are your needs? And, yes, we can help

Thursday 15th June, 4pm

Presented by Anna Meuli, New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education


At present NZCGE has 7 diverse options for supporting New Zealand teachers, schools and communities with meeting the needs of gifted students: Local centre establishment, Programme Design; School-based Mentoring; Resource Teacher: Gifted and Talented; PLD on the Depth and Complexity Framework; School-wide Procedural Development; and Resourcing. In this webinar Anna will share with you details of these options, what they look like and examples of them in practice. You will also have the opportunity to contribute your professional support needs so that we can create further responsive options.

Bottling a Storm: Empowering gifted individuals to harness their intensity

Friday 16th June, 7pm

Presented by Karen Keppel, giftEDnz Multi-exceptional Special Interest Group


We know that intensity (or overexcitabilities) is a common part of being gifted. In this seminar we will explore how parents, clinicians and educators can assist gifted individuals to use their intensity to meet their potential. Some simple, subtle strategies will be introduced, along with providing participants with helpful online resources.


Finding your Tribe

Saturday 17th June, 7pm 

Presented by Brooke Trenwith, New Zealand Association of Gifted Children

Gifted kids need like-minded peers to connect, tofeel valued, to be understood. This webinar will look at overexcitabilities, asynchronous development and how NZAGC helps children, their parents and teacher find their tribe.