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Welcome to the home of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog tour. The blog tour runs through the month of June each year as an activity associated with New Zealand's Gifted Awareness Week.


The theme this year is Mythbusting


The New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour is an opportunity for you to have your say about giftedness. Here you can share your experiences, stories and views, for example, about being gifted, parenting/raising gifted young people, and/or gifted education.

This might be:

  • student perspectives;
  • an opinion pieces, perhaps with a call to action for positive change;
  • a poem;
  • research findings;
  • experiences from professional practice

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Members of Parliament have always contributed in varying numbers and at least one of them reads a selection of the blogs each year. You’ll probably be able to tell which one, if you read the political posts.


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All teachers are teachers of the gifted

By Associate Professor Tracy Riley

Facts typically have some sort of scientific evidence to back them up. Myths commonly start with a story, passed on verbally through generations, that usually begin as a way of explanation. Myths explain something for which there may not be a ready scientific explanation. Read more

I Believe

By Madelaine Willcocks


What a great opportunity we, those of us in the gifted education community, have to highlight myths and truths about gifted learners, giftedness and gifted education. The difficulty I have is where to start with this? There are SO MANY myths about gifted learners. If you hop on over to Myth-Busted you can read about the myths that gifted students say they are contending with every day, and what they think about these myths. Read more

gifted education

Myth: This is Unimportant at Our School

'Our school' is rural, situated in a low socio-economic area and has gained a reputation for personalising learning especially through the use of digital technologies. A significant number of identified ākonga have special needs which require curriculum adaptation. Read more

Mythbusting "A Curriculum for all Children"

By Andrea Delaune


I am an early childhood teacher, and I have been so for close to 20 years. Over the course of my teaching I have met so many children and teachers, that I have lost count. There are many that stay with me in my heart, some because I know I was able to help them, and some because I look back and think about what I could have done better. Read more

Unconvinced Gifted is a Gift

By Laura Davis


I have started and restarted this post so many times, very carefully selecting my words so that they come across a certain way... and then I had to have a little laugh at myself as I realised that that completely contradicts the point I'm trying to make. So here it is in it's raw form, no pussyfooting around. Read more


By Madaline Willcocks


There are so many myths about giftedness out there. Some are factually incorrect, some are just silly, some can be easily brushed off, but some can be hurtful and confusing for gifted kids and their families. I asked my MindPlus classes what, if any, myths about giftedness they had heard, how these myths affected them, and what they think in response to myths. Buckle up, here we go...

read more

Busting the Myth That Matters Most

By Stephanie Tolan


Humans are the storytelling species, not just telling stories, but often, then, living by them. Some of these “stories to live by” become enshrined in a culture as Myths, defined as “accounts of gods or superhuman beings involved in extraordinary events or circumstances in a time

read more

Reframing Gifted for Educators

By Elaine Le Sueur


Many of the myths about gifted students still persist in spite of the higher profile that the sector holds as a result of changes in government focus. There has been talk about meeting the needs of gifted in education spheres but my contention is that little has changed for these students in the wider education community. Read more

Mythbusting with Columbus Cheetah

By Jo Freitag


When Psycho Motor Dabrowski learned that the theme for this year’s New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week was to be Myth Busting he became even more super-over-excited than read more

Dispelling the Myths around Academic Acceleration

By Dr Ann Easter

Academic acceleration is one of the most effective educational strategies to meet the needs of high-ability students. Yet, despite more than 100 years of research attesting to the benefits of this approach, many parents and educators still believe that moving read more.

Soccer or Study?

By Lillian - Year 8


Friends. They are sympathetic, playful and caring. Any good friend is, right? Actually, almost all friends. Some are boring, statistical and only want to go to the library. The ‘gifted” ones.

What you have just read is one of the biggest myths surrounding gifted people. It’s not just children, as well. Many adults get subjected to the same societal expectations and feel forced to behave in certain ways, because read more 

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