Welcome to the new home for New Zealand's Gifted Awareness Week.

Here you will be able to follow the excitement of celebrations across the country.

#NZGAW Blog Tour



The annual Gifted Awareness Blog Tour runs through the month of June each year as an activity associated with New Zealand's Gifted Awareness Week. It is an opportunity for you to have your say about giftedness, and to also share in the experiences and perspectives of others.


Position Statement

Released each year, Position Statements are developed by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, New Zealand Association for Gifted Children and giftEDnz. They are designed to provide guidance, evidence, support, information, advice and recommendations. This year's Position Statement focuses on the need for indicators of progress and achievement for gifted and talented learners.

Ideas for Celebrating GAW

Want to organise some celebratory activities in your area? Check out some suggestions here.

Support Networks

A collection of organisations, businesses and groups who can provide support to families with gifted young people, and professionals working with these young people. There are also online support groups, included these on Facebook.

Letter to Parliament

Here you will find the details about blasting parliament with letters for the purposes of advocating for our gifted learners. Included is a template for you to use. The more we send the better the impact, so get involved. Go for it!

National Research Update

A national research project is underway to explore the current state of gifted education in New Zealand. Click here to find out more about this project, including what has been done to date, the next steps, and how you can participate.

Free Webinars

Political Statements

Join the conversation. Read and listen to the policies and views of the various political parties, then respond with your thoughts.

Tell Us Your Story

Kids, parents, teachers...we'd love to hear your stories. Your stories will be shared, with the Minister of Education as evidence of the needs of this group of children and young people. Email them through to have your voices heard. Please include the subject line "Tell us your story". Please note that this is anonymous, and your stories will not be shared in any other way without your consent. 

Messages for Parliament

Delegates at the recent giftEDnz Roadshow shared their thoughts on the current state of support for diverse learners, and in particular our diverse gifted learners. Click the links below to explore the key messages they want our politicians to hear. These too, will be shared with the Minister of Education.