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#GAW2018 Blog Tour



The annual Gifted Awareness Blog Tour runs through the month of June each year as an activity associated with New Zealand's Gifted Awareness Week. It is an opportunity for you to have your say about giftedness, and to also share in the experiences and perspectives of others.


Position Statement

Released each year, Position Statements are developed by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, New Zealand Association for Gifted Children and giftEDnz.

They are designed to provide guidance, evidence, support, information, advice and recommendations.

This year's Position Statement focuses on defining giftedness in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Feedback on our Position Statement


We would love to hear your feedback on our Position Paper and your thoughts about giftedness in NZ.


Contribute to the Padlet conversation here

GAW in the media

Share the following media articles on GAW

Ideas for Celebrating GAW

Want to organise some celebratory activities in your area? Check out some suggestions here.

Gifted Aotearoa


2018 GAW sees the launch of a Networks of Expertise initiative by four national gifted organisations - NZCGE, giftEDnz, NZAGC and REACH Education Consultancy.


You can find out more about the work that these organisations are doing through Gifted Aotearoa by registering your interest on this page.

Support Networks

A collection of organisations, businesses and groups who can provide support to families with gifted young people, and professionals working with these young people. 



NZAGC GAW                     2018 Competitions

Help children celebrate Gifted Awareness Week by letting them know about these competitions.


You can find more information on the GAW competitions here.

Talk about GIFTED in the Conversation!

The Ministry of Education are looking ahead to the future of Education in Aotearoa New Zealand - what could education in NZ look like over the next 40 years? We want to ensure that GIFTED stays on their radar, so complete the survey here and tell the MOE what we need to do for our gifted learners. Go for it!

Talk about GIFTED in the Curriculum, Progress & Achievement Review

With National Standards gone, the Ministry are reviewing how to track progress and achievement in Year 1-10.  Under National Standards, Well-Above Standard was not recognised and it is essential that we get our voices heard about students working beyond their years.  You can access more information about the survey and you can complete the survey here.

A message from Associate Minister Hon. Tracey Martin

Minister Martin will be doing a video blog for GAW.  Watch her Facebook video on Gifted Awareness Week here.

Tell Us Your Story

Kids, parents, teachers...we'd love to hear your stories about success.


Your stories will be shared on this page and social media pages. 


Email them through to have your voices heard. Please include the subject line "Tell us your story". Please state if you would like your stories to be published anonymously.

Facebook Groups

There are a number of NZ Gifted Facebook groups.  These include NZCGE; NZAGCgiftEDnz; Mary's Gifted Contacts; Gifted and Talented Teachers NZ; Parents of Gifted Children NZ